When Objects Talk

Anthropomorphic imagery is well established in western society. Examples can be found in everything from arts and literature to religion and pop culture. The school children’s Valentines of the 1940s and 1950s represented the spirit of anthropomorphism in a visually delightful and simplistic manner. Their appeal stemmed from bold colors, well defined human- like objects and the double entendre, a figure of speech in which a phrase or word may be understood in one of two ways. For example, a  Valentine with the image of a canoe offers double meanings for “canoe” (can you), “oar” (or) and the suggestion to “paddle around.”  We created realistic mockups of these two-dimensional valentines to showcase these charming and sweet cards for the author, Robert Rightmire.


Project Details

Client: Robert Rightmire

Book design, book layout, book cover design, image enhancement, 3d rendering.