The Organic Kitchen

Seasonal Favorites from The Organic Kitchen (Autumn/Fall Edition) is a beautifully illustrated cookbook from Linda Spiker of The Organic Kitchen.  The book consists of seasonal menus and contains over 50 recipes that are designed with healthy eating in mind. Beautifully photographed, the mouth-watering recipes incorporate an abundance of fresh  fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains and good quality proteins.  Easy to make, healthy for the body and satisfying to the palette. What more could you need, other than some whimsical titles for her recipes, such as “Just for the Halibut“, and “There’s an App for That“?

Linda has had a long-time passion for cooking and her classes have indoctrinated over 400 students into the healthy cooking lifestyle. Linda currently runs the Organic Kitchen Cooking School and Seasonal Favorites from The Organic Kitchen (Autumn/Fall Edition) is her first cookbook. We wish her continued success.


Project Details

Client: Linda Spiker | The Organic Kitchen

Date: 08/22/12

Book design, book layout, book cover design, image enhancement.