Our Journey with Jud

Judson “Jud” Buechler is a retired Chicago Bulls basketball player. Buechler was also an All American volleyball player at Poway, earning the nickname “The Judge”. Some say volleyball was his true love and after the NBA he has regularly competed in tournaments throughout Southern California such as the infamous Manhattan Beach 6-man, ‘The Blakey,’ and of course, the hallowed ‘Draw’, a tournament he has won so many times people have lost count .When Jud’s oldest daughter, Reily starting showing an interest in volleyball, Jud began his second career as a volleyball coach at the Encinitas Wave. During that time the team had one of the best records in the country and competed every year in the Open Division of the Junior Nationals. Some of the girls came to Jud’s WAVE team for a season or two, some were there for his entire run, but all consider him to be a mentor, uncle or second father. THis book is a tribute from the girls to Jud as they move on to their college careers.


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Client: Jud Buechler

Date: 06/20/2013

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