Look Forward

Look Forward is the true story of how Robert Dixon and his son overcame unfathomable adversity together. It’s a chronicle of courage, commitment, self-exploration, and faith. What they learn along the journey is how a fragile relationship between father and son can become the most unbreakable of bonds.

Look Forward is the story of the five most critical weeks in Bobby’s life.  My hope is that every reader comes away from this book with the realization that the world is full of caring people and that what we have in common is more powerful than our differences. When they see tragedy, they’ll also recognize the power of the human spirit. When they read about an injured child, they’ll be one with that child’s parents. And when they read a news story about yet another human tragedy, they’ll reflect for a moment longer before turning the page.


Project Details

Client: Bob Dixson

Date: 09/10/12

Book cover design.