A Vietnam Story

This is more than another story about Vietnam; it is an Army helicopter pilot’s memoirs about his flying adventures, beginning as an Army “groundpounder” and moving through his flight training, flood victim rescue, two tours of Vietnam and post combat military flying.

Captain Yuhas spent the major portion of his first tour flying in the Army aviation unit that “invented” the helicopter gunship. The unit’s early years operating in Vietnam guaranteed the evolution of the helicopter from a flying jeep to the Cobras and Apaches of today. By Captain Yuhas’ second tour, the Army had numerous gunships only companies in Vietnam.

“As a firsthand witness to some of these adventures, I can attest to the veracity of Steve’s representations of both his history and his exceptional ability with a helicopter. “ – Stu Ostrander


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Client: Cpt. Steve Yuhas

Date: 06/28/12

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